Tuesday, February 18, 2014

AirAsia Cabin Crew recruitment 2014

I never really mentioned in my blog that I am working with AirAsia, but very much when your work became part of your life...you are somewhat branded to the brand! HAHAHAH well that's how I like to put it... or may be I've been too busy to even bother to blog. But trust me I miss this space, the thoughts continuously flowing whenever I am alone, that i wish someone is next to me at that very moment typing my thoughts out!

Anyway, tomorrow (22 Feb 2014) is a recruitment of our AirAsia Cabin Crew and I would like to call everyone to join us during the recruitment... come on try your luck, a complete 360 degree to change your career path, or better to start with The World Best Low Cost Airline :D

Just two weeks ago we organize an exclusive #AABC Flight Attendant Course to expose the career to larger and younger audience, as we continuously expanding we need HUGE AirAsia flying force to accommodate it! and yes we undergo almost 50% of what the real flight attendant have to undergo.

Do you know that Aircraft door don't have a key? you just got to know the right way to pen it!

Thats a wrap! I am lucky to have this job, most of it because i got to work with these amazing people :D
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Burberry Livestream: Autumn/Winter 2014 Prorsum Womenswear Collection


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The collection also now available for boys! Yes, now you can have your mini Beckham running around :)

Yes, its for your eyes only


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Yes he is my close friends, that will listen to all my rants, but he is also an inspiring designer who also would kindly made me clothes so I have something nice and unique to wear to events. Although I might be bias, Afiq who have not made much appearance after his involvements with online shopping portal as creative director, have found some time to come out with this little capsule SS'14 collection.

I know him too much when his trying to come up with this collection. It is definitely the rebelious side of him, and yes more to come for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014!

Model Alicia Amin
Photographed by Bibo Aswan
Stylist Idan
Makeup by Alvin Loh
Hair by Tom Ooi

for more info visit Afiq M. Facebook 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


 I had the chance to join the party organised by H&M for their new store opening, I know its been ages since that happens, But I would still like to share with you guys this exclusive photos of the celebrities that attended the event weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Looking fabulous and all

 Oh, Yup I am all geared up in Zara Top, Pearly Wong, CK pants and My favorite fabulous Zara laofers

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hottest arm candy: Autumn winter 2013/14

Make sure you hang the most stunning bags from your well-dressed arm with my guide to the hottest handbags for both men and women.
First off, my first love and fashion idol – Dame Vivienne Westwood. I love the new season’s hologram clutch for women, it’s simply stunning. There are also some great options for the fashion conscious chap, options that include this fresh camouflage bag in green. Yum!
Another beautiful option for all my fashion girls is the super chic Armani Jeans patent logo bag available at Diffusion. Prefect for day to evening dressing, this bag screams grown-up glamour but keeps things fun and flirty all the same.

I’m still in love with satchels, so boys, invest in a good one as my, and the fashion industries interest won’t be going away anytime soon, they’re still awash on the catwalk. I’d suggest buying the original and picking up a colour-block Cambridge Satchel Company leather number. It says it’s for boys, but girls, if you’re fierce enough, you can totally pull it off. But if you want something a little more feminine, try the MInkpink Modern Love bag as pictured below. The blue will electrify any outfit.

Just remember, a bad bag can ruin an outfit. Don’t let it happen to you! Take my advice and make sure you’re sporting a stunner. 


Thursday, October 31, 2013


Minimalism is a difficult fashion concept to get your head around, as easy as it may sound and contrary to what the name suggests, minimalistic fashion does not refer to the size of your wardrobe – in short, having a ‘minimal’ selection of clothing does not entitle you to label your style as minimalist.

Rather, it’s all about understated style and achieving sophistication through simplicity. And the key to achieving that, is through accessories. I’ve put together some of my favourite pieces for autumn 2013 that are perfect for getting this look.

Every man needs a watch. And investing in something like this classic piece from Raymond Weil, will ensure timeless style and sophistication. Designs from the Swiss luxury maker are distinctly masculine and their simplicity makes them the perfect accessory for the minimal man. You can find this design in the range of Raymond Weil watches at Watch Warehouse, which offers free delivery on orders over £60.

(Raymond Weil Maestro, with Silver face and leather strap, £895.00, available online from Watch Warehouse.)
With winter just around the corner, a perfect accompaniment to any outfit is a simple, understated scarf. Swedish men, the masters of minimalism it’s fair to say, use a scarf to complete an outfit (and keep out the Scandinavian chills). Something like this Hugo Boss scarf in classic black is a fantastic choice.

(Hugo Boss scarf, in Black, £40, available online from Van Mildert.)

Planning a weekend away? Continue your passion for tradition and simplicity, with this classic design leather weekend bag from the collection by Benjamin Brown. It’s practical, sophisticated and the warm tones of the soft Italian leather are perfect for battling the autumn chills.
(Benjamin Brown Leather Weekender Bag, in Brown, £170.00, available online from Teals Boutique.)
Minimalism relies on simple lines and solid colours like black, grey, navy and brown, for a look that clean and sophisticated. Above all, your pieces should be unfussy. Use these rules when selecting your outfits, as well as your accessories. 

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