Friday, May 22, 2009


capturing f.ash.ion is about me mostly capturing people in Malaysia play with fashion, and also almost anything about fashion. its the adaptation from one of the most amazing blog,, but i am focusing on Malaysia scene, and besides picture of people style, there will be anything else about fashion.

it always been my dream since my early days of blogging to do blog on fashion,
well i did on, life of f.ash.ion lover. But i realize that fashion is something bigger than my life, so i decided to create capturing f.ash.ion for me to express fashion more and not really mixing it with my dramas.

like i mention many time, i may be no one, in this fashion industry, a fashionista, or even a fashion student, but i am someone who love fashion and i am going to be someone in fashion industry one day. so my thoughts and opinion on fashion may not be useful at all. but this is just my way to get to know fashion more. Comments and critics are very welcome here, wish me good luck!

To all fashion people out there hope i can gain support from you guys, hope people out there will allow me to take picture of them to be publish in this blog, this blog is all depending on people out there. thank you


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mike radcliffe said...

keep on going ash!!!!
stay hot babe!!!


all images used are mostly captured by me or found on the web and believed to be in the public domain. if any images that appear are in violation of copyright law, please forward proof and we will remove them asap.