Thursday, December 31, 2009

miu miu at klcc, Kuala Lumpur

miu miu a much related brand to Prada, much more daily oriented and younger clothing line. establish in 1992 and headed Miuccia Bianchi Prada, youngest granddaughter of Prada founder.. pretty amazing with phd in political science
Vanessa paradis is their current face, french singer and actress, and model.

so recently , early december 2009, they open their outlet in Kuala Lumpur(at last) hahahah
located at 1st floor suria klcc, replace the Escada boutique, which is sad, but escada is getting boring. ouch.


photo by: for miucia prada for Vanessa paradis
ashman mahfudz for the klcc boutique

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

oscar wilde bag

by 284

i cant resist to publish it in my blog
oh ma god


photo received from:

Monday, December 28, 2009

snacas spell by carven ong

carven ong made his debut at the moda wanita fashion show in 1991, now he is no longer a stranger in malaysia's fahion industry. bailing on MiFW this year, carven join with his carven ong academy of fashion graduate show and prince hotel and residence, kl plus other sponsors to do his own show.

this spring/summer 2010 took place at prince hotel and residence kl on 11th november 2009.

this collection is called 'snaca's spell' old english word of snake. the touch of yin yang by carven but emphasis on inspiration human mutating cold bloded creatures which is one step to a dark side.

electrifying dress and detailing on the body and neck to imitate snake give a symbol of eve's temptation of elegance

my personal favourite:)

overall the design is great and so carven ong, the material used but in some dresses, they are some sort of lack of dimension. the workmanship at some pieces need room of improvements.


photo by:ashman mahfudz

Sunday, December 13, 2009

carven ong academy of fashion part 2

androgynous by Charlie Tan

Agnes dean anyonyone.. suits pants blending of femininity and masculine

memorable moment by Gilbert ng

o Gilbert, this collection is modern,futuristic and cute.. inspired by the Bali island Indonesia as a place for wedding.
good workmanship:D

transient of nature by June Ang

nature inspired collection, the sky to be exact.. the mens wear kinda a turn down, color choosing is great, but with a better material, and using gradient tone, will much help to bring up the collection.

i'm not little boy by jozef liew

who would thought? hahhah it was a long night untill jozef came up and cheer the crowd, the crowd is crazy and as happy as the collection. its cheerful, and playful lovelly:0 i will definately waiting for his next step:)

changing patterns(tears) by cless yong


photo by:ashman mahfudz

Saturday, December 12, 2009

carven ong academy of fashion part 3

femme in homme by Nicole ting

its basically a suit design with some adding of fabric to make it appealing from the conventional type, i have to say i like the men, and the first design, the third somehow, too many slashy and it looks like a wrapping and untidy

by miki lee

transformation actually its a transformation a bag to a jacket taht can protect or fashion us more . its good in this busy era, where people can just add the jacket which is actually a bag to accessories, for another event in one day...
if u see, the first 2 pic are actually the same clothing, and then the bag transform to the jacket. cool..very good.

spectrophobia by ong bee lian

its a ghotic, plus darkness its an impretation of negative thougts toward one self. i like the idea, but the workmanship is quite disapointing

attitude with latitude
by Karine foo
another black!
its dramatic, flowy and unigue, the mens jacket and the rest are gorgeous. the second LBD, have that curvy detailing arround which is a bit too much at the hip, it looks like smthing extra pop out, but still it..

photo by:Ashman Mahfudz


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