Monday, December 28, 2009

snacas spell by carven ong

carven ong made his debut at the moda wanita fashion show in 1991, now he is no longer a stranger in malaysia's fahion industry. bailing on MiFW this year, carven join with his carven ong academy of fashion graduate show and prince hotel and residence, kl plus other sponsors to do his own show.

this spring/summer 2010 took place at prince hotel and residence kl on 11th november 2009.

this collection is called 'snaca's spell' old english word of snake. the touch of yin yang by carven but emphasis on inspiration human mutating cold bloded creatures which is one step to a dark side.

electrifying dress and detailing on the body and neck to imitate snake give a symbol of eve's temptation of elegance

my personal favourite:)

overall the design is great and so carven ong, the material used but in some dresses, they are some sort of lack of dimension. the workmanship at some pieces need room of improvements.


photo by:ashman mahfudz


WARREN said...

the colors are gorgeous. and why am i feeling a little Nina Ricci with the last dress? lol.

ash.N.fuz said...

ahahah may be the lace used, i dint favor that one tho...


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