Saturday, May 15, 2010

Johnson and Johnson :Pu3

Kuala Lumpur: yesterday mark another invention launched by well established world wide skincare brand "Johnson & Johnson". The brand launch its new body care lotions,the purple: Melt away stress daily calming lotion, the pearl white: Naturally White Daily UV Lotion, and the pink: 24 hours Lasting Moiturising Body Lotion.
"The launch of the 3 new lotion by Johnson's Malaysia"

The launching event was held at the center court Suria KLCC shopping Mall. the uniqueness of this launch it combines Fashion and the product itself. Johnson's invited two designers; PU3 and renounce Mr. Carven Ong to design a special collection inspired by these 3 new products. Each designer design 8 collection, and to add the spice celebrities were used to do the runaway of these beautiful creations by the designers.

here are the collection from PU3 for Johnson and Johnsons:

Scha Al Yahya

Sasha Bashir,
I can t believe they make the dress not fringe and let it bear at the back, it look unfinished

love this:)

another beauty, Yasmin Hani

the amazing Ms. deborah Henry, Miss Malaysia 2008
The collection by PU3 is conceptual and match the products well but the obvious flaws are some of the dresses look unfinished and look like the project was given to them yesterday. anyway congratulation PU3:)

For more info:!/JBC?ref=ts

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Johnson and Johnson :Carven Ong

next are creations from Carven Ong for johnson and johnson:

the design a very carven Ong and it was very ideal combination of Carven creation body care product. his design often appear soft and mild just what anted to achieve by body care products.
MS Deborah Henry, amazing

carven special pose for blogger:)

and all his creations.

the event went well, but a bit crowded, with the public trans passing. although blogger clearly state that i am form the media, i was not given a Press release, so i am very sorry for any inaccuracy of information stated regarding this event.

p/s: Fahion lover is heading north to Penang so watch out lovers:)

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photos by:Ashman Mahfudz

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


too Much perhaps.

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photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Saturday, May 8, 2010


second time, i shot the same boy on different weekend. Unfortunately the first picture gone in the bulk of my folder.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

recycled style

stylo, recently did their awareness campaign targeting on fashion lovers about the mother nature.they did a replica of shoes, hand bag, nerd specs and other fashion accessories using recycled items and display it at Malaysia's number 1 shopping mall, Pavillion Kl.

a real style was also spotted on the ride.

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photo by:Ashman Mahfudz


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