Thursday, November 25, 2010

M-IFW by MIFA - Khairi Sufi

I start to get more and more annoyed of the pictures that I took. Its mostly not sharp, blur, and not on time. sorry I am not professionals, its just i dint use any flash light so the shutter speed is low. Btw, this the third designer of the BDA fashion Obsession show on the thrid day of M-IFW from Khairi Sufi.

Lots of bright color going on, big pleats detailing. it's fine but its just fine. I just thought the fabrics used could be richer and the silhouette should be more enchancing. 

 like this:)

 Muse for Khairi Sufi, Beautiful Ms Julia Ziegler.
 the problem with most celebrity is they are not model with model cutting, which is ok, but its a designer responsibility to work on what the celebrity have, but here there is just lack of fill in. 
Overall, Good job Khairi :)

Photo By: Ash @ Ashman Mahfudz

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