Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ann Ward won ANTM CYCLE 15

The most successful Model Search/making reality show, America's Next Top Model hosted and produced by American own supermodel the amazing Tyra Banks is back again with its 15th installment this year. I've been not following the show as much as i do before because I think the show is getting more more commercial. 
Tyra Banks

Until, I heard from my friend that this latest cycle is about High fashion and to add up the prize is the cover and spread on Italian Vogue. I said "WOW". Its great to see that the competition is getting back on track instead of catering to commercial and selling the show. Oh and to add the excitement the show is Andre Leon Talley, one of the most influential personnel in the fashion industry, contributors for Vogue America. When were asked about what is his role in the documentary The September Issue, he said "To help Anna Wintour to decide what goes in the magazine, and to have a dialog with the editor of Vogue about fashion

The amazing couple, Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley 
By the way, so the winner of the show was announced this week, and it was Ann Ward. the final two contestant was Chelsey and Ann. I dint watch the show much, but when I first saw Ann I know that she is a model. She got the height, the unique look photographed well, the grace but not as much of a personality and walk in the runaway.

Ann Ward and Chelsey (this is their cover girl shot)

the winner, Ann Ward

the runner up Chelsey as Carolina Herera

I think this cycle is the best cycle so far, as it gives lots of experience and knowledge about fashion industry to the model and the viewers. it showcase and promote prominent figure in fashion industry and noted photographers, designers. they got Demarcheleir, Furtensburg, Cavalli and Andre and many more to constantly add up the hype of the show. the concept of the shots also have used as the medium to give more info about fashion industry like the shot of the contestant imitating noted designers.

Shot By Patrick Demarchelier
Ann Ward
 It was a complete success, its no longer just a modeling search it is a platform for people to know about the fashion industry. Congratulations Tyra, great comeback after i would say a so- so cycle.
ANTM cycle 15 line up

Great cycle, cant wait to for another.



Anonymous said...

umm this is fabulous newz errm i just know that Ann wanted it alot and as she said herself that no industry accepts her she found it wanted it and got it this was great and as 4 da rest of da girlz they cud try harder and find another industry and apply there am sure that they will be accepted
all the best Ann well done

Anonymous said...

A city that parleys is half gotten.


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