Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carven Academy of Fashion

Carven Academy of Fashion is a fashion school in Malaysia that is owned by noted fashion designer, Carven Ong, who is also the principle of the academy. The academy have continuously produce many promising young designers that have made their name in enormous young designers competitions. In the recent MiFW 2010, the graduating students get a slot of Carven Academy Graduate Show to showcase their designs.
Suki Chan Sau Kei - Goldfish, I think the inspiration is cute:)

the combination of color is way making it look cheap- Tan choon Yeah, Roof Tuss.

just lovely, by Wong Siao Chean dress turn two piece, nice

the color is a bit soft for "roman warriors"

Good job Wong! - Roman Wariors

Elaine Wong- freedom 

Elaine wong the grament are mostly not sewn there are tie ups, knots and safety pins. i like the colors

Ashley Soh Zhi Yun - Amphitrite 

one of my favourite - Carol Chong

Carol Chong - civilization Period

Like what Mr. Carven Ong mention to me during the show, "most of the young designers is getting more and more western, futuristic, no more drama" i have to agree, which is just so - so wave in Malaysia's fashion scene, I mean it is good in some way, but in another way  we are so rich of cultures, heritage and stories that can inspire those young designers. Do you get it? we are too obsess with the western and deny our own uniqueness, while they took our cultures and sell it for thousands of dollars. I am never against any side of fashion, it just my thoughts.

Christine Foo Yiping- I am certainly uncertain about this, collection called "the combination" inspire by step by step in staircase.

Shaun Lee Kah Wai- CyNoXsys combination of cyber technology and system

14 new designers coming up, i only display a few of them. Good Luck :)_

photo by:Ash @ Ashman Mahfudz

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