Friday, December 10, 2010

M-ifw by Mifa - Belle labelle

Hey lovers, How are u guys enjoying the holiday? Cant believe another christmas celebration is coming in again. well i am still not off with designers presenting their collection during the previous mifa. well more than 60 designer participate, i guess its gonna take a lil a bit more longer than i thought

While indulging myself with a pack of twix and tweeting rubbish. Another boring day in during holiday. So i come across this collection by Nabila Erwani Zainal Abidin under her brand Belle Labelle. i just think the name is cuteeeeeee:) the name sounded young and girlish but the collection as we can see is more woman. I honestly never heard of her of this brand before. But I say this girl have a bright future.
As I am wirting thsi down i am also browsing Bella Labelle blog , and I say her collection before this one is pretty different I love this one more than those bright collection.

Its is in a way very structured short dress and with a perfect length, i can feel the Chanel vibe in this collection.

Nabila and her final dress, I Just think she have chose the wrong fabric for that drees
photo by: Ash @ Ashman Mahfudz

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alia samihah said...

i think she should use satin or kain yg lebih that boleh balance


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