Wednesday, December 1, 2010

M-ifw by Mifa - Wan Huzairil

 Wan Huzairil made his name in Fashion industry Malaysia after he won the Piala Jarum Emas Berlian Awarad in the year 1998, he then made his way up to be one of the noted fashion designer in Malaysia. he showcased his latest collection during M-IFW 2010 in BDA fashion Obsession slots.
 he use lots of bright colors and if I am not mistaken, colors and him is quite not a surprise. His collection also emphasis on the Malaysian elements of Batik and Songket.

songket dress

 Wan with his muse, actor/actress didie. havent seen him for awhile on Tv and off Tv. hurmm i personally dont like his outfit, i dnt know. I am just not a fan of the fabrics and colors used. but I realize that Wan always use this fabrics in his creation and for his own clothes.

photo by: Ash @ Ashman Mahfudz

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