Monday, January 31, 2011

Carven Ong - enchanting Garden of Eve

For many years, I have known him personally and professionally. I have work with him before and would describe him as one of my best friend and a person bring the light of hope to this fashion lover to step in further to the industry. 'Enchanting Garden of Eve" collection of spring summer 2010/ 2011 was another great designs by Carven Ong and also another step further inside to both fashion and communication industry. I am very grateful that Carven have ask my help to do the PR efforts for his show during 2010 MiFW by mifa.

my personal favourite! the amount of fabrics!

carven was inspired by pastels and subtle colors, to go a little bit further from his previous bright colors collection. known for his amazing skills handling chiffon fabrics, he again dint let that skills to waste. the collection really enhancing the feminine figure and creating a fantasy world of beauty and glam.

I work closely with the man behind these amazing couture, to understand and interpret his creativity to words. I am very much excited to be given a chance to look at the sketch before its been made. The colors for the collection is amazing but there is quiet few gown that does not look good during the runaway.

there You go collection from Malaysia's top designers and one of the best designer in Asia. Mr Carven Ong.

photo by: Ash @ Ashman Mahfudz

Saturday, January 22, 2011

styling Starlet

so I met few amazing personnel during the previous Mifa and one of them is Cris Yong one of the most creative and talented stylist in Malaysia. His work have grace magazines such Hanger and Oxygen and have work together in many events.

f-lover with Cris Yong.
More of his details and amazing work is at : and


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Von Jolly couture

the collection of von jolly this year for mifa its quite similar to the last year. nothing much, its the duo and the batik creations.

the gorgeous and incredible, Miss Thanuja Ananthan Ms Malaysia '09/10
f-lover later
photo by: Ash @ Ashman Mahfudz

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Tangoo is another brand that is lead by two individuals, Mr Eric Yeong and Moses Law. The duo started back in 2002 in Malaysia and currently have thier boutique at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. The brand which at it early establishment mostly influence by tango that also drive the brand name now.
The brand is another dramatic couture design in malaysia. but not in its latest collection :

 i can see taht this kind of style is a bit old fashion but very practical and glamourous for everyday people to wear it. Its a beautiful colletion.

photo by: Ash @ Ashman Mahfudz

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bon Zainal at Mifw 2010

almost 20 years in the industry and i would say one of the most prominent figure in the mens wear fashion in Malaysia, Bon Zainal. with her white hair and his own suit style, Bon would be describe as one handsome and stylish designer.
Highlights of the long day Amir Luqman's strut the runway for a manly suit. with make up and high heels!
Bon brilliant idea is to ask cross dress designer Amir luqman to strut the runaway with his mens suit, while Amir wearing high heels. try to strutthe manly way, Amir's had the crowd entertain and wow-ed.

later photo by: Ash @ Ashman Mahfudz


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