Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sharifah Kirana

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Sharifah Kirana always have the idea to bring our own culture and traditional clothes to another level of high fashion and couture. floral motif and bright colors work together to give very meaningful piece of attire. with her tagline "old style, new twist". Fashion critics will comment it too old style, very dramatic and too much perhaps. but i would describe it as unique. we dont a have much designer that still designing and maintaining our culture in their design, thus Kirana in a way should stay in promoting our culture in fashion.

we are too influenced by the western on how "high fashion is" i believe it shall come from one uniqueness of each originate design. Its funny how the western see our culture as unique, but we see ours as lame and old school. 

bright caften and batik, BRIGHT

I like this collection more than last year's collection.

tinie, in Kirana's Baju Kurung

sharifah kirana with her new look in Hijab.
final run through:

photo by: Ash @ Ashman Mahfudz

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