Thursday, March 17, 2011

stud your undies!

what makes you talk about your undies? aha! many have said that the undies that we are wearing represent our personality and ourself. (glad not much people can see it) well, I personally think it is. Many years back I am a loyal user to a brand boring colors and boring design i always thought its not important! aha but recently i bought a pair of colored one, just to find it cute!!!

what I can say its amazing that it really make me feel good when I am wearing it. Thats the point, wear something that is comfortable and make you feel good about yourself!

so I was runing through old pictures and i found Stud- Malaysia's own underwear brand during last year mifa! all i got to say stud know how to do it sexy on runway, only it is more excited in 2009 

Stud is design by very handsome duo, Voon Lai and Jonathan Cheng. the brand is available at selected departmental store and online at

so how is it hanging down there?



photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

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