Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Carmen Soo

She was one of the local models that I know in my early age during the late 90's. I think she was gorgeous at that time and don't look like the usual chinese. after a great wave in the early 2000 in Malaysian Fashion and modeling industry the name Carmen Soo dint really shine. I always thought she have that "it eyebrows" her eyebrows so sharp!

Until when i bought my Blackberry and active in twitter and start following her, I get to know that she is now busy in Philippines acting. I still think she is pretty after meeting her at the recent BCBG The Gardens Mall opening.

Carmen Soo and Me

what ever you do Ms Carmen Soo. Good luck, Don't forget us in Malaysia also!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Black & Beauty

I watched the video above with many thoughts of relating myself to it. Its amazing how I could survive  in this skin. I think i never mention anywhere in here but people around me know that I am actually half Indian from my dad side which come together with such I would say beautiful complexion. Yes I am Bragging now.

The stereotype of being black is ugly and fair skin is all everyone ever wanted is absurd. To think about not many fair skin have nice feature or i would say typical? while in Black ethnicities, theres always spice in their look. All i could see in the dark skin is the lack of confident to embrace it. Embrace what you got sista.

Alek Wek

I face a phase where i would go to school and they don't want to be friend with me before even knowing me. But i don't know I am always been the heartless bitch that dint really care. Because even at the early age i can see the ugliness of anyone that is making fun of me. either they are noseless or its too big, or their skin is full of something.
Naomi Campbell

This not me downgrading the fairer skin community, this me telling everyone to be acceptable of what you are. maybe i should hear my own advise especially on my weight :P



Saturday, May 28, 2011

Looks on BCBG

My boses and Glam Journalist

Serena C


Colored. <3

Ms Thanuja Ananthan
Yeah! I met Thanuja, miss her so much.. star struck each time! also come in colors <3 
Colors the season!
Many have said we look alike. ermmmm i wonder laa, if we look alike why she won the MS world and I  DINT? hahahh

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz


So its been a week since I work at MimpiKita. This is the first event that I go with my new boss! BCBGMAXAZRIA Malaysia recently being bought by the well known Fashion buyer in Malaysia DNP clothing. so they did a new boutique launch at The Gardens Mall.

the event was attended by Media, celebrities and CIMB credit card holder. ermmm fashion and its business! Aha! they also showcase the new spring summer collection by Max Azaria himself. well i thought he sold the brand? Maybe not Yet

the collection was very simple.simple draping, simple twist. It was just an OK collection. and very much BCBG. better buy local designer la :D


My new Boss! and me. The girls behind MIMPIKITA!
By the way come to MimpiKita at Telawi Bangsar to meet me and to see our products! Raya is approaching! Don't be Shy.

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Friday, May 27, 2011

Stylista Denvor

Denvor Leong

When i first saw him, I was like "this is him! the yellow guy!" that i saw from the blog http://garbagelapsap.com and then I saw the shoes, its must be him.  I am so inspired or would say star struck by the yellow look that he did. Love.

His name is Denvor, stylist for the brand DNP clothing, another fashion buyer company in Malaysia that brought us Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Karen Millen and the list go on.

this look, is another great color combo. Love.

photo by:Ashman Mahfudz

Studed Shoes

Studed Heels worn by Serena C

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

FashionTalkRap HERE?

Pawwen of FashionTalkRap
I actually saw them first at Stylo, when this two skinny small and cute boys we wearing something so effortlessly stylish at that time I remember we just exchange smile :)
I got a chance to say Hi, at The Benson Chen Party when he want to take picture of me. I ask him where are you from he said FashionTalkRap. and I was like O-M-G the amazing blog! hahahahha

really good blog for fashion lovers out there! klik http://klfashionscene.blogspot.com

photo by:Ashman Mahfudz

Monday, May 23, 2011

Colors on

me and Magie Abg Saufi and her colorful Turban!
when I first decide what to wear for the Benson Chen's party, I know I must do color! so i take my unique red shirt and styled up what i have and I am happy with it. I am so happy with this season colors. make the world less boring! and others also think colors is so in. Y E S.

Hafiz CuteCarry

Awesome combo!
Vintage dress - i have a love-hate with this look.

LOVE the blue,  stylish Hijab!

Looks of fellow bloggers love them!

by the way if it is your picture here? do drop by and say hi to me. You guys are amazing!

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vegetarian and Fashion

many will give the face when I said I am vegetarian. To them (in Malaysia) its too weird, just because I am basically Malay and not many Malays do vegetarians. It is so obvious through Malay dishes. Malay will put at least one bloody stuff to their cooking.

when explaining my diet I will say this "I don't eat anything with head and blood" they will stare for awhile and they will reply "how about....", "how about oyster?", "how about...."

theres is one time when I went out lunch with my colleague, he literally dint eat and just stare me eating the whole time. His not a vegetable eater- sad! and another time people just shake their head with the unbelievable expression looking at my lunch.
by the way, the story begin just i wake one fine 1st june 2010 and decide to be a lacto ova vegetarian - means I eat all vegetables, nuts, milk products and eggs. and i make a promise to do it for a year! and i almost made it by the time its june.

But i tried eating chicken one fine night after almost 11 months not eating it. I literally wanna throw up! I remember how good it taste, but when i eat it this time all i taste was the blood! ewwwwwwww

I also read somewhere that vegans is actually a starting sign for someone to develop anorexia. well for me, vegan diet is just for me to control my self from eating too much. I am just concern about my health and my fitting to that fancy thing in fashion! To starters, do your research, and consult experts if u may.

Yes i agree fashion, in fact the world is very mean to us! we tend to be over obsessed with our appearance. All the media portrayed how skinny is beautiful, well they are. i guess I am just afraid being unhealthy and getting sick. I really hate hospital!
Here the video of some famous people in fashion that is vegetarian. awesomeeeeeeeee

so anyone also a vegan here?

note: I don't eat them, but sometimes I wore them! aha


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Beauties

Picture was taken during last year during MiFA when these two beauty queen one with the universe and one with World title. i still till now cant figure the difference. help me anyone?

aha. To compare, i just think both of them is equally pretty awesome! who said Malaysian is not pretty? Ms  Thanuja and Ms Deborah Henry. Deborah is representing Malaysia again for Ms. Universe title, and i hope Thanuja also consider joining again the world title!

Deborah Henry and Thanuja Ananthan

and we have the new comer, Ms Nadine Ann Thomas. and Thanuja with the new line up Ms World Malaysia is busy searching for the next girl! I hope all brainy pretty girls out there go try!
Gillian Hung, Carven Ong and Thanuja in carven ong.

whatever it is, its not the crown that we are aiming for, its the responsibilities and things that you could do to make Malaysia and a better world!



photo by:

Fashion shoot 'em

photographer at the PJCAD fashion show.


photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

KilaFairy at MODA

Amir luqman was also chosen to open the MODA show with Sunsilk, with Thanuja, Nadine as the models. Amir's guest artist would be Malaysian very own sex-symbol Ms. KilaFairy. looking as always! Gorgeous and sexy.

Ms Killa Fairy in Amir Luqman, looking gooooood

with one of the most talented designer in Malaysia - Amir Luqman! 


Monday, May 16, 2011

MODA 2011 : the look!

heeeeeee, no need me to show myself here too much, here view these amazing people that attend this celebration of fashion and great hair!

Jovian Mandagie - looking handsome
Heart a lot the hunter motif bag that Jovian is carrying. Jovian looking good as always!

Nurita Harith - ripped shirt
Ripped top with a bling! love love

Reshmonu wearing Key Ng
If me not mistaken, I already saw Reshmonu wearing the top before for a show of something. but what i have to say, he is one of stylish man in Malaysia!

Sasha Basir
Sasha wearing a long aqua green dress by?? Erk but she look good, just it could be better, the dress add up her age a bit la.

Very simple - serena c in white

Syomir Izwa and his creation!
like the design, but not much a fan of the color.

more more coming up soon. Sorry for the pic quality again. promise it will be better by July! cheers viewers
stay hot!

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Sunday, May 15, 2011

officially legal: MODA 21st Anniversary.

Malaysia's Official Designer Association (MODA). its hard not to think about them when it comes to Malaysian Fashion scene, been in the industry for a good 21 years (same age with me la MODA!) They celebrate their anniversary at The Gardens Hotel together with its very main sponsor (i would say) Sunsilk!

The backbone of MODA for many years, Ms Gillian Hung.

Andrea Fonseka in not so well dress by Alvin Tay

above is the collection of Alvin Tay, which i will categorize as among the worse of the night or any night.
sunsilk and its co-creation also brought us to the night Tomas Taw and a very excited Yuko Yamashita SHE IS VERY EXCITED during the event.
Thomas demonstrate the magic of sunsilk 

the event is very closed event compared to mifa and Stylo. the theme was crystal, all i could see is glitters all over! The runaway is soooo glittery that I want to walk on it!
among my favorite look of the night:

Melinda Looi : inspired by dove, She is one of a kind.

Melinda Looi and her Daughter - so cute!

Syomir Iszwa - Prince of draping.
I think Syomir did a really good job, he without a doubt a talented designer. He is Yuna favorite designer. Most importantly, during the night a very cute and handsome guy who everyone assume is his boyfriend hand in him a flower and a kiss!

Tom Abg Saufi

Tom collection is very edgy. the batik look glamourous with Tom's touch!

leslie Variante - one of my favorite piece!
Leslie variante, created what i would say a nice collection which really fits the theme really well. he uses colors of the stone that glitters, instead using just glitters for the collection. which some over do it too much which end up tacky!

Young designer - Joe Chia
very interesting jacket, he is among the youngest designer who is showing that night and also dress Mama G. new breath.

Nuritha Harith
  The colors is very sweet and subtle, minor detailing that make it major, just the skirts during the runaway look like its going to burst because its too tight.

30 designer was there to showcase their design for that night, Name such Zang Toi, Melinda Looi, Leslie Variante, Carven Ong, Amir Luqman, Nuritha Harith, sonny san, Syomir Iszwa and many more!

Carven Ong at Moda
apparently Carven ong repeat his enchanting Garden of eve collection last season, but with a new breath of sapphire colors that represent the glitzzz. While Jovian repeat the show that he did during styli exactly!!! which is ok, for someone who haven't seen it. I ts is a nice collection.

Ashman and Thomas - wearing the Uniqlo jacket.

will update more




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