Sunday, May 29, 2011

Black & Beauty

I watched the video above with many thoughts of relating myself to it. Its amazing how I could survive  in this skin. I think i never mention anywhere in here but people around me know that I am actually half Indian from my dad side which come together with such I would say beautiful complexion. Yes I am Bragging now.

The stereotype of being black is ugly and fair skin is all everyone ever wanted is absurd. To think about not many fair skin have nice feature or i would say typical? while in Black ethnicities, theres always spice in their look. All i could see in the dark skin is the lack of confident to embrace it. Embrace what you got sista.

Alek Wek

I face a phase where i would go to school and they don't want to be friend with me before even knowing me. But i don't know I am always been the heartless bitch that dint really care. Because even at the early age i can see the ugliness of anyone that is making fun of me. either they are noseless or its too big, or their skin is full of something.
Naomi Campbell

This not me downgrading the fairer skin community, this me telling everyone to be acceptable of what you are. maybe i should hear my own advise especially on my weight :P




pawwen said...

my favourite black model Alek Wek said...

love the lack beauty of noami campbell--
she is a blck panther on the runway


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