Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Carmen Soo

She was one of the local models that I know in my early age during the late 90's. I think she was gorgeous at that time and don't look like the usual chinese. after a great wave in the early 2000 in Malaysian Fashion and modeling industry the name Carmen Soo dint really shine. I always thought she have that "it eyebrows" her eyebrows so sharp!

Until when i bought my Blackberry and active in twitter and start following her, I get to know that she is now busy in Philippines acting. I still think she is pretty after meeting her at the recent BCBG The Gardens Mall opening.

Carmen Soo and Me

what ever you do Ms Carmen Soo. Good luck, Don't forget us in Malaysia also!



Anonymous said...

Heys lovely..hope ur fine and well where you are.. Thnx for swinging by, just returning the favor.. Haha..

Btw, just love your green shirt! Need your help to get me dressed up like you.. So the slim fit wan... Sedapsss... Hahaha

ash-ash-ash said...

sedapsss??? hahahha
its actually a turquoise shirt la.
by the way thank you for visiting <3

Borneo Boy said...

Peace from Land of Borneo.

I simply like your blog. So,tidy and simple. Just nice.

Btw, do feel free to visit my blog :)


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