Monday, May 2, 2011

HM Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge: Wedding dress

The Royal Wedding was held gracefully!!
The fairy tale spirit still exist in this modern world, where commoners can still get married to the royalties.
although they are not everyone in the globe royalty, they are yet once a big empire. All the media vibe coming from them make almost everyone care to watch the wedding ceremony and caught our tears to this wonderful ceremony.

The Bride, Kate Middleton arrive at the Abbey with surprise and tight save secret of who she is going to wear for this one of biggest day in history. So it was revealed on that day that she's wearing Sarah Burton design for Alexandre Mqueen. Sarah Burton work closely with the late Alexander and was chosen to design for this royal wedding.

the royal dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

the dress, ermmm was stunning but not royal enough fro such big day. Malaysian designer Zerry zamry tweeted "the dress was ok"
to me it is very nice on the upper part then the below part. Sarah did a very good job in playing with the lace. she look really sweet.

the upper dress 
the dress look very "sopan", very covered. even some of the muslims wedding are more revealing then this. But i belief that Kate wanted something really simple not really grand. we can see that she very simple person.

she also wore the tiara that was borrowed by the HM Queen specially for this ceremony. 
what was shocking by most of the critics and viewers is she took risk by having her own make up done for the ceremony. Words have said that she wanted to look like herself, thats why she done her own make up.

the hairdresser said "I am more nervous then her!!"
well the make up look good, just the eye is a bit heavy for a day ceremony.
with this we can see that she Knew what she wanted and she stand by it. can u imagine how many people would try to offer to make up her? and how many time she say no?

may you live happily ever after, and may nothing draw u guys apart. 
may the history not repeat itself.


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