Monday, May 16, 2011

MODA 2011 : the look!

heeeeeee, no need me to show myself here too much, here view these amazing people that attend this celebration of fashion and great hair!

Jovian Mandagie - looking handsome
Heart a lot the hunter motif bag that Jovian is carrying. Jovian looking good as always!

Nurita Harith - ripped shirt
Ripped top with a bling! love love

Reshmonu wearing Key Ng
If me not mistaken, I already saw Reshmonu wearing the top before for a show of something. but what i have to say, he is one of stylish man in Malaysia!

Sasha Basir
Sasha wearing a long aqua green dress by?? Erk but she look good, just it could be better, the dress add up her age a bit la.

Very simple - serena c in white

Syomir Izwa and his creation!
like the design, but not much a fan of the color.

more more coming up soon. Sorry for the pic quality again. promise it will be better by July! cheers viewers
stay hot!

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

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