Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Muse are very much and inspiring persona to a designer or any artist. Having a chance to attend A night with designer and muse at Stylo KL 2011 by Mercedes Benz Malaysia. well Dato' Nancy the organizer, appreciate the designer and their muse with a very exquisite dinner served at the secret location "scarlet theatre". an imaginary venue,  very chic! genius.

feeling feeling like I am a designer, I really like Ms Thanuja Ananthan as My muse! she soooooooo Beautiful, charming and gorgeous! 3some that complete the package of this Miss World Malaysia 2009/2010!
Carven Ong and his muse Thanuja Ananthan and Bill keith and his muse Elaine Dally

Blogger berry and Ms Thanuja during the dinner

actually she the muse for Carven Ong for the night. I am just there to help out and given a chance to mingle around with the beauties! and sooooo handsome Stephen Rahman Hughes the Merong.

the Merong Mahawangsa! he also sing that night.
The night was okay, with drinks, fashion, music, singing, party and endless of good food.
 the west end star also sang!!! they are awesomeeeee.

I am very much tanned, due to my project that burn up the skin Youth Media Carnival!! 
what a retreat of fashion after a week stress of work!


photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

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