Sunday, May 15, 2011

officially legal: MODA 21st Anniversary.

Malaysia's Official Designer Association (MODA). its hard not to think about them when it comes to Malaysian Fashion scene, been in the industry for a good 21 years (same age with me la MODA!) They celebrate their anniversary at The Gardens Hotel together with its very main sponsor (i would say) Sunsilk!

The backbone of MODA for many years, Ms Gillian Hung.

Andrea Fonseka in not so well dress by Alvin Tay

above is the collection of Alvin Tay, which i will categorize as among the worse of the night or any night.
sunsilk and its co-creation also brought us to the night Tomas Taw and a very excited Yuko Yamashita SHE IS VERY EXCITED during the event.
Thomas demonstrate the magic of sunsilk 

the event is very closed event compared to mifa and Stylo. the theme was crystal, all i could see is glitters all over! The runaway is soooo glittery that I want to walk on it!
among my favorite look of the night:

Melinda Looi : inspired by dove, She is one of a kind.

Melinda Looi and her Daughter - so cute!

Syomir Iszwa - Prince of draping.
I think Syomir did a really good job, he without a doubt a talented designer. He is Yuna favorite designer. Most importantly, during the night a very cute and handsome guy who everyone assume is his boyfriend hand in him a flower and a kiss!

Tom Abg Saufi

Tom collection is very edgy. the batik look glamourous with Tom's touch!

leslie Variante - one of my favorite piece!
Leslie variante, created what i would say a nice collection which really fits the theme really well. he uses colors of the stone that glitters, instead using just glitters for the collection. which some over do it too much which end up tacky!

Young designer - Joe Chia
very interesting jacket, he is among the youngest designer who is showing that night and also dress Mama G. new breath.

Nuritha Harith
  The colors is very sweet and subtle, minor detailing that make it major, just the skirts during the runaway look like its going to burst because its too tight.

30 designer was there to showcase their design for that night, Name such Zang Toi, Melinda Looi, Leslie Variante, Carven Ong, Amir Luqman, Nuritha Harith, sonny san, Syomir Iszwa and many more!

Carven Ong at Moda
apparently Carven ong repeat his enchanting Garden of eve collection last season, but with a new breath of sapphire colors that represent the glitzzz. While Jovian repeat the show that he did during styli exactly!!! which is ok, for someone who haven't seen it. I ts is a nice collection.

Ashman and Thomas - wearing the Uniqlo jacket.

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