Thursday, May 5, 2011

second of its kind! - UNIQLO KLCC

Hey Lovers!

As its been buzzing and all the KL lovers already knew, UNIQLO- the Japan Brand, is spreading more love here in KL!! with its new store opening at Suria KLCC concourse level.

uniqlo KLCC store.

so I got a chance to attend its pre opening party!!! (excited) which again manage to gather most amazing prominent figure in Malaysia after its hype opening for Fahrenheit late last year.
Angie Ng - Stylo 2011 Supermodel of the Year!!

Ella - Queen of rock the runway. wearing Uniqlo and her LV bag.
this year they amaze us with Ella, Alex Yoong (Malaysian F1 driver), Noh Hujan, Stacy, Deborah Henry, Yasmin Hani, Angie Ng (supermodel) , Josiah Ng (gold medalist) annnnddddd the handsome Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar (Malaysia's first Astronaut) to strut the runway and socialize with the media.

the man sure know how to walk at the atmosphere and here also!! Datuk Sheikh Muszaphar shukor! our Astronaut 

the store look small but it store many quality item from Uniqlo. Its Spring Summer collection which also debut at the party is focusing on everyday wear with some masterpiece!
. Deborah Henry work the runway Miss Universe way!

Yasmin Hani - wearing uniqlo! interviewed by the media

all the runway celebrities! with Mr Satoshi Onoguchi

I manage to shop during the media preview, which make me very happy! and many celebrities also attend the ceremony, more celeb pics next!!


photo by: Ashman Mahfudz (sorry for the quality :))

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marcusan said...

Its so nice to be here! Enjoyed reading your posts -- fun and simple for people like me, who sadly, lack some (alot) of fashion sence. : )

Keep up the great work blogging; will be tuning in soon - that you can be sure of!



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