Tuesday, May 10, 2011

shoes! shoes! shoes!! @Stylo KL 2011

women's obsession, heels, boots and any type of footwear was celebrated in conjunction with Stylo KL last month. to Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen to come and also introduce Malaysian shoes festival!

Angie Ng, Star of the week.

take take, all shoes.

I am with excitement someone would wear this!!!! hahahah
Or one of Monolo Blahnik shoes! 

well those are international shoe brand, well we use to have this:
Jimmy Choo!
Jimmy Choo
Now we have this! :D

Jimmy Chia!!! can lor wo?

Malaysian should produce more shoes designer!! and to Dato' Jimmy Choo, please consider your idea to open the Shoes Academy!!! I would be the first to enroll!

so I came with Carven Ong, Keet and Ms Thanuja. the theme is "shoes". What  shoes with out cinderella right? so stylo just stage us with cinderella Play and the fairy tale go on with more and more amazing designers showing off their creation such Jovian Mandagie, Dominique Chan, Carven Ong

Carven Ong and his design

Thanuja Ananthan and me

she's wearing Von Jolly dress and Marciano shoes, I am wearing my Hugo Boss leather shoes

for this event I was featured, in cutecarry.com . Hafiz was so nice, he really thought I am Thanuja litle brother! ahhahah so cute!
 read his review on the event here :



photo by: Ashman Mahfudz and Internet

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