Monday, May 9, 2011

So Malaysian..

Kuala Lumpur is very sunny lately. The sun gives its tremendous energy to us in a very kind way :D
So as I am in my holiday now, I am currently working with one Malaysia's biggest fashion buyer company as a part-timer. So it was a very loooooooooong day today at work.

talk talk talk talk....
looking around us surrounded with garments and more off amazing creations from the international designers or brand. Coming across my friends thoughts about Malaysian brand, fashion houses and designers.

"Where are they???"

Aha! actually its true, most of my fashion designer friends or designer that I know only sitting there and doing their exclusively made dress for WEDDING, celebrity and fashion shows. Not many have the courage or i would say chances to go further and build a true fashion house like what we Malaysian is soooo crazy about "Zegna, Chanel, BCBG, Burberry anddddd many more"

here we have PADINI and its group brand. which mostly is targeting on everyday wear. The brand, especially seed have shown and increasing demand with a good eye of a fashion and trend behind it.

we also have Dato' Farah Khan, Zang Toi and Datuk Bernard Chandran.
Farah Khan

Farah Khan

Bernard Chandran

bernard chandran, one of Gaga favorite designer.

Zang Toi

I think the list stop there.

I really hope theres a person that could create such brand from Malaysia to the world. all the success of the big brand outside there is their strategy on Branding their label very well. off course to so, Money Money Money.

but it worth very much! Go Go Malaysian Brand, we are all behind you to support!

Investors out there come and find out our amazing talents and invest on their brand :)


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