Thursday, May 5, 2011

Triumph 125th Anniversary; Malaysian Way.

Not that I know or experienced it myself, but I think everyone know that Triumph is no small name in the lingerie business. with its experience in shaping the Women body for 125 years this year, I am sure it have done well to its customers to make it went through such age.

To celebrate their mature age, Triumph Malaysia celebrate with a fashion showcase at One Utama featuring models that was styled by Mr Carven Ong, attended by celebrities and members of the media.

celebrities- Vanida Imran, Daphne Iking and Dynass Mokhtar

Triumph Bra, sure know how work with women's body

Urban Girls concept

Supermodel and mum, Ms Amber Chia

the runaway feature 5 different theme. the styling have to be a bit covering here and there as to respect our culture. I am just not quite sure of using a chick (yeah chicken) as a prop for a runway should be appropriate as it can be seems cruelty act to the animals. Hope the chicks was given back where it suppose to be.

the photos was taken by Sam Kassim of Sam Kassim Events and Communication
Sam in green, together with Baizura from Ntv 7 and celebrities

Thank You sam.

I got to fix my camera really soon!

photo by: Sam Kassim

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