Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vegetarian and Fashion

many will give the face when I said I am vegetarian. To them (in Malaysia) its too weird, just because I am basically Malay and not many Malays do vegetarians. It is so obvious through Malay dishes. Malay will put at least one bloody stuff to their cooking.

when explaining my diet I will say this "I don't eat anything with head and blood" they will stare for awhile and they will reply "how about....", "how about oyster?", "how about...."

theres is one time when I went out lunch with my colleague, he literally dint eat and just stare me eating the whole time. His not a vegetable eater- sad! and another time people just shake their head with the unbelievable expression looking at my lunch.
by the way, the story begin just i wake one fine 1st june 2010 and decide to be a lacto ova vegetarian - means I eat all vegetables, nuts, milk products and eggs. and i make a promise to do it for a year! and i almost made it by the time its june.

But i tried eating chicken one fine night after almost 11 months not eating it. I literally wanna throw up! I remember how good it taste, but when i eat it this time all i taste was the blood! ewwwwwwww

I also read somewhere that vegans is actually a starting sign for someone to develop anorexia. well for me, vegan diet is just for me to control my self from eating too much. I am just concern about my health and my fitting to that fancy thing in fashion! To starters, do your research, and consult experts if u may.

Yes i agree fashion, in fact the world is very mean to us! we tend to be over obsessed with our appearance. All the media portrayed how skinny is beautiful, well they are. i guess I am just afraid being unhealthy and getting sick. I really hate hospital!
Here the video of some famous people in fashion that is vegetarian. awesomeeeeeeeee

so anyone also a vegan here?

note: I don't eat them, but sometimes I wore them! aha


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