Monday, June 27, 2011

Balmain - Young Bitches!

Balmain by Olivier Rousteing  for their new collection. its very young, very street, everyone will be awesome in this.

I want whatever his wearing

Love the pants! God!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Anticipation of Dreams of the sisters

Not been blogging well for quite sometimes. well this is the reason baby:
1st July 2011

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Mulberry 40th Anniversary Malaysia

happy birthday to another iconic handbags and bags bran Mulbery! wooooooo hooooooooooo
It was celebrated all over Malaysia's Mulberry boutique KLCC and the Gardens. I went to Gardens of the courtesy of an old time handsome friend for inviting.

They brings Balloons with its iconic bag sketch on it, cakes, wine and lovely lemonade for their visitors. The Alexa Chung bag, the iconic bag. I just hope someday I could earn myself to get any one of those without starving to death.

OOoooooOOh they have a photo booth for visitors to take picture! Off course i get mine done.

Mulberry Malaysia photo booth

Visit Mulberry boutique by Club21 at KLCC and The Gardens Mall

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

Monday, June 20, 2011

Glam - Walk the Talk


me and sister

so Glam, Body shop team up with 3 NGO's agency to do this social responsibility event against child sex trafficking. I cant belief that the business of child sex trafficking worth 27 million. That is a lot of business. In business when they is no demand, there is no supply.

so i miss half of the walk because I was from work. Lots of fashion people that turn out that night, celebrities, I think its more than a thousand join the parade. I am so proud to be one of them.

Thanuja wearing flats, Yeay at least i can stand next to her feeling a bit better!

ME and Zee Anuar, sizzling socialite.

photo by:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green in Fashion

many have reform to be more aware of the need to take care of our environment. Many effort is more towards our usage, but less on our fashion industry. I think this eco friendly fashion does not being really sought because not many leading fashion label support it.

lets see whats the criteria of being eco-

Vegan: Products that have been made without the use of leather or animal tissue products. Examples are shoes and bags made from “vegetal leather” using Amazonian rubber instead of animal skins or other recycled or man-made materials.
Community Based
Ethically Produced: Ethical fashion is fashion that has been produced with respect for people and the environment. Although there are existing certifications for Organic and Fair Trade, we want to encourage companies who are taking significant action but don’t qualify for certification. This might include companies producing locally or on small scales in developed countries, who might not qualify for Fair Trade certification or companies working with farmers to transition to sustainable crops but who might not yet qualify as Organic (which takes a few years). The “Ethic Chic” section of each brand profile should have details on the specific steps of the brand’s ethical production.
Craft/Artisan: Products that have been crafted using artisan skills such as embroidery, which preserve the perpetuation of ancestral traditions.
Custom: Also called demi-couture or made-to-order. This is a way of encouraging quality and “slow fashion” over mass-produced disposable fashion. 
Fair Trade CertifiedAn organized movement that promotes standards for international labor (such as reasonable work hours, no child labor, the right to unionize, a fair living wage), environmentalism, and social policy in areas related to production of goods. Fair Trade focuses on exports from developing countries to developed countries. Some Fair Trade certification organizations include: FLO,, TransFair (Canada and US)
Organic: Natural fibers that have been grown without any pesticides and other toxic materials, preserving the health of humans and the environment. The process of organic growth can be certified by various organizations.
Recycled: Anything that has been made from already existing materials, fabrics, metals or fibers. These are often reclaimed from previously made clothing and accessories and reworked into new ones. Fibers can also be re-purposed from pre-existing fabric, re-spun and reused for new garments.
Vintage/Second-Hand: Vintage is a generic term for new or second hand garments created in the period from the 1920’s to 1975. However, the term is often used more generally for second-hand clothes or up-cycled clothes (second-hand clothes that have been given a new life through some sort of customization).
I cant get away from my leather stuff, I love leather so muchhhhhh hahahha but I will get away from animal leather if i could grab this vegetables leather.

this shoe are By Zanacco an Italian brand. Malaysian please do something like this! I want to indulge my green vision fully! 

Eco- Fashion show coming in July by Rafles Design Institute 
let see what our youngster have to do! rock on.

f-lover later photo by:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Emma Watson for Vogue July

July Vogue

Prada Paillette Dress
I am loving the Prada Paillette Dress, awesomeeee shits.
she docent look like little girl Potter any more.

photo by: Mario Testino

Monday, June 13, 2011

BerryBow and BerryWalk

We are not sisters. LOL
We are just berries lovers.

By the way, Thanks to Carlos Khu for inviting me to hi-Tea launch of launch. 
BerryBow is another fashion shopping online portal that have been operating for the past 3 months.
Me and Paww Paww and Carlos

Their collection is mostly ready-to-wear casual. some korean fashion influence i can see.

Do vist them at

photo from: Berry Bow Facebook page

Ash Stymest for Zara Young SS'11

Ash Stymest fo Zara Young SS11. new hair Ash, and also his not that skinny anymore!! make me feel good.

more pictures  at     

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hakes Mojito shoes is the future!

the speculation and prototype have been in the air since 2009 when  Hakes release the sketch and the fashion experts went all crazy about it.

according to the news the shoes will only be reality this SS11. WE HOPE SO!

Is this the future of our shoes?? Yummy.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Happy Birthday son.
Thats what my mum said in her letter. 7th June mark my another year becoming older. and this year was suppose to be a B I G year in everyone life. The key of freedom age - Yes I am 21.

Me in my fav color and new hair at work! in My bday

I am by far, never a fan of celebrating birthday, especially my own. but early this year I thought I have to do it this year, this time. but it never happen.
I think the reason it dint happen because errr. nvm

To say that I am proud to be 21 and what I am? I would say theres a lot to be achieve in the future and I am glad of what i have been doing so far. I grew up bigger in the industry that I like Fashion. I knew many new friends this recent time which I am very glad to meet. and the old one that always been with me.

big thank you for those who remember my birthday and BIGGER hugs:)

and All I want is everything. Is that too much to ask?

Thank you Everyone.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

to late dad

The greatest man I never knew lived just down the hall
And everyday we said hello
But never touched at all
He was in his paper
I was in my room
How was I to know he thought I hung the moon

The greatest man I never knew came home late every night
He never had too much to say
Too much was on his mind
I never really knew him
And now it seems so sad
Everything he gave to us took all he had

Then the days turned into years
And the memories to black and white
He grew cold like an old winter wind blowing across my life

The greatest words I never heard I guess I'll never hear
The man I thought could never die has been dead almost a year
He was good at business
But there was business left to do
He never said he loved me
Guess he thought I knew

The greatest man I ever knew - Reba McEntire.


Monday, June 6, 2011

its the Celine' bag

I had a great time each time I am out with someone that I could talk fashion too. Thanks Paww Paww.  :D
I went to Celine Pavilion KL shop and saw this amazing bag. Its celline Spring/summer 2011 - RM 8,800.00

Celine Clasp shoulder bag

it would be a perfect birthday gift for myself. But maybe not this year.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

the king and Queen of Malaysia

Today 4th June mark the crowning anniversary of Malaysian current crown King, Yang-diPertuan Agong Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin and the Queen, Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah of Terrenganu.

Daulat Tuanku

thank you queen for supporting our local fashion industry. May we all develop for a better future.
Daulat Tuanku.
Long Live the King and Queen.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ash Stymest

I am gonna do the hair!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Roaring - Leopard Print

I am never a fan of leopard print, theres only certain and not many can pull it off. but its good to see some who could pull it off!

Leopard Print - threesome 



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