Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Happy Birthday son.
Thats what my mum said in her letter. 7th June mark my another year becoming older. and this year was suppose to be a B I G year in everyone life. The key of freedom age - Yes I am 21.

Me in my fav color and new hair at work! in My bday

I am by far, never a fan of celebrating birthday, especially my own. but early this year I thought I have to do it this year, this time. but it never happen.
I think the reason it dint happen because errr. nvm

To say that I am proud to be 21 and what I am? I would say theres a lot to be achieve in the future and I am glad of what i have been doing so far. I grew up bigger in the industry that I like Fashion. I knew many new friends this recent time which I am very glad to meet. and the old one that always been with me.

big thank you for those who remember my birthday and BIGGER hugs:)

and All I want is everything. Is that too much to ask?

Thank you Everyone.



Shairazi Saidin said...

I really wanna style up my hair like that. It's just so Bruno Mars. But dunno how to...:P

ash-ash-ash said...

just choose a good saloon. andbring along the best picture of the hair that u wanted..
me next is, let it longer and keep shaving it off! hahahahha

pawwen said...

yes.... come to SS2 jeff garsac salon.. my personal hair stylist shop.. lolx... advertise pula kat sini.


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