Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 - Malaysia

Its 5th Installment of this one in a lifetime opportunity for all the women out there to catch their dream to be a model. I don't really see this event as just their marketing and branding event but more then that. Even it is so, Its a good platform and open up many opportunities to many who participate and win the competition.

I came really late for the event as I have to work that day, I literally run to the venue, KLCC to get there asap and I did, just after the winner is announce. In case you don't know there is 2 category; A B. to simplify things A is for girls and B is for women get it?

category A winner is:
Noor Fara Atilia Bt Karim, 174cm 22 years old.

Fara Atilia in Carven Electric Blue chiffon dress

she look better in person, and as i go through earlier before this, I already can see that she got potential as she is the tallest. and she can brings Carven Ong dress, pretty well. thats good. Not many can do so. and she also won many other sub awards such Andrewsmodel Most promising Catwalk, Carven Ong Most couture,  and Miko Hair Ambassador. so I guess I will be seeing her around more often then.

 so category B is won by Joanne Beryl Christine Stevens
35 years old, 157cm

Joanne in Carven Ong
so as I were saying I am late theres nothing much to took picture with as all the judges gone, only dearest Carven is there waiting for the dress to be pack. Base on the response, the event went well, Just a bit too Miss Universe/Miss World. 

Joan Smalls
 know her? She is Joan Smalls, all hail from Puerto Rico, the 2011 Estee Lauder Model. Yes the real one. She have that sweet chocolate look, a Beauty

Carven Ong and Carlos Khu

Crappy me in Philosophy with The most Eligible Bachelor, Mr Josiah Mizukami.
He is so clean looking, I felt un human for a moment.
later Ian, Carlos and Me went for Dinner at Ben's, AGAIN!

All I can say, so far Running in heels and Rushing here an there to an event venue is so exciting. done that too many events so far. But I am starting to learn that there is something You should let go in life. 

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz & those available online

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