Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harry Potter - End here, the looks

Harry Potter, is among movie series that I followed, I don't know why. but we are here to talk about the STAR - Hermoine aka Emma Watson and others. Critics compare these kids look on each of the city premieres and debate which is the best.
My vote go to this Oscar De La Renta dress!
Well actually none of it really my type, but if I would choose one, this Oscar De La Renta is the best. I like the tiered ruffle start from the upper waist not the low part. I think all the cast look better here compared to other looks for this sequel premiere. It must be really hard thinking Harry Potter is ending, so I understand JK and Emma tears. do the prequel then? hahahah

Emma Watson in Botega Vanetta dress

this go second, the bronze or probably copper dresses by Bottega Veneta is dramatic, butmake her look a bit older. The bare cut on the corset is totally sexy!

New York Premiere
I don't really think the dress for New York premiere, is B O O M enough for Hermoine, it is simple and I think the weather might ruined some mood to dress up. She wore the legendary Ossie Clark vintage dress and the rain destroy the look.
JK Rownling
The only Billionaire writer in the world so far, JK Rowling (45) also wore Oscar De La Renta. Just to me maybe not from the best closet from Mr Oscar. I just don't really get it.

Emma In Rafael Lopez with Chanel Pump 
she have became, a-talk-about girl in all fashion blog. Well she is chic.
Enjoy the movie people, I might watch it this Saturday Night! yesssss

photo by: All the amazing photographers, if it is yours here? Means that you are Amazing!

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