Friday, July 22, 2011

Journey through Style : Nurita Harith 2011

Another installment of Raya showcase organized by four; I would say young designers. they include Nurita Harith, Syomir Izwa, Rico Rinaldi and PU3. The event was held at White Box Solaris Dutamas (memories at blackbox)
I am going to separate the designers with different post, Lets start with Nurita Harith. Her boutique is just at the back of Mimpikita Boutique.

Nude, yellow, baby blue - the colors are very soft and pieces look very clean, not much of draping or twisting of fabrics this time. The detailing as such above pictures is seen to be used by many designers and label, I mean the same exact detailing so.

Me like the top

I was expecting more, I like her creations for moda better. so everyone who wants moreeeee? we might also need to understand this is for Eid, so it should be more wearable then couture pieces.

Nurita Harith and founders of Mimpikita

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

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