Saturday, July 23, 2011

Journey through Style : Rico Rinaldi 2011

The on wearing head piece - is Rico's and its my fav of the night!

I felt really bad Rico! I am sorry that I miss your show. I reach half and hour late which is okay for others fashion show before this. Not this one i guess. I felt really bad missing up the show of someone who invented me. But it turns out I really love his creations! 
 the look above have those simple detailing and kerawang2  waaaaa love!

motives on the fabrics, a bit playful

Congrats Rico. Rico is also among the first designer who took notice of my blog. Thank you for the invite again, and I am sorry I miss your show. I definitely gonna check it our upclose and personally at Farenheit88 this weekend.

f-lover later photo by:


crossheaven said...

I'm impressed by the work you do, really. I love how you have this insight into fashion and heck yeah, I see a fashion journalist in the making.

ash-ash-ash said...

thank you, very thoughtful of u to comment. Many challenges azief. freedom of speech in fashion is also limited. limit the function of blog.


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