Saturday, July 30, 2011

Marie Claire : Women of Style and Substances 2011

Mindy Teh editor of Marie Claire Malaysia!

Marie Claire Malaysia organize the fabulous event to appreciate Malaysian Women who have do us proud. the event was held at Shook! Starhill Gallery annddd If you might not know they serve AWESOME food here at Shook!.

the awesome prawns!
oyster + lemon + tobasco = orgasms

In this measure i also wanted to declare my year as vegetarian is over, I am starting to consume seafood. But i am still mostly a vegetables eaters! Gosh its crazy that I am blogging about the food first then the event! Sorry.

The event was emceed by Andrea Fonseka, and attended by  many women and Men and Boys (I am in this category still!) most looking shiningly diamond and pearl-ly looking. As the theme of that night is Pearl and Diamond. To add the excitement Marie Claire brought us fashion show by brand such MCQ by Alexandre McQueen, M Missioni, and Valentino 

suka la!

Cut to the chase, this is among the recipient of the honor of the title Women of Style and Substances 2011!

Best dress recipients! Ms Rathimalar

Women shall be appreciated! Only some of the recipients does not dress BIG enough. But this shows they are busy, Simple and elegant.

9 recipients of Marie Claire Women of style & substance 2011

from women of beauty  queen to women of sports to women of amazing entrepreneurship and many kind of women. I would definitely gave the berry women of style and substance to My mum and My Grandmother!

Tony Eusoff sings his heart out to all the women

Founders of Mimpikita
Glad to meet you here! Ms Thanuja Ananthan

Thanuja and Me
me wearing my french shirt and Cheap Monday pants.

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

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