Monday, July 18, 2011

Rizalman Ibrahim - Bridal 2011

I tweeted, "I want to cry" because when the bridal collection came out, or Maybe I am just over reacting. but who cares??? the bridal collection is WHITE, with Rizalman twist. NAK KAHWIN!
This is the bridal by Rizalman

The collection is not far from puteh concept which is simple, Just a lot more angle-lic like goddess dresses. the collection is very soft. I can imagine my soon a very beautiful wear them and aded her good looks!
Rizalman creations, touch the earth.

This model is very pretty. very bridal look.

My favorite - 

i like the cape, rosiest with simple beading and a bow at the back!

better off without the rosiest, But i really like the kerawang2 idea, haven't seen that for quite sometimes

Happy 20th Anniversary Rizalman, 16-18 years ago we met. Now you deserve what you get, Alhamdulilah. When I met him last night just to say congratulations while he is ambush by many media. I ask do you remember me? and he said "off course, Ashman!". I cant barely remember people name, he got it just right.

Congratulation Abg Rizal and Team!

rizalman ibrahim 2011 collection.

How was the show?
It was Amazing, The result of pure talent.
ashman mahfudz

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Borneo Boy said...

Beautiful designs..simply feel like Chanel Fashion Show :) Nice report darl. You so lucky can attend many events..if me? in KK so jarang...huhu..

Renee Meow said...

hi im ur silent reader.. totally love ur blog.. so many designers collection reviews..!!! :)

btw thanks for sharing these pics.. nak 'curik' pics ni voley?? hehe.. xde la, i mean nak share kat my blog.. :)

ash-ash-ash said...

thank you. appreciate your comments.

you can use my photos, but please credit and link my blog as the owners of the photos.

Renee Meow said...

thanks so muchie!! done!! :D


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