Monday, July 18, 2011

Rizalman Ibrahim - Puteh 2011 Collection

Rizalman, always a designer that is by his own. celebrate his 20 years in the industry with his Puteh by Rizalman Ibrahim and Rizalman Bridal. I would say he is among designer who first recognize my blog and among a designer that inspire be to be in fashion line. Thus far, I only seems his work through picture and I am a virgin to his showcase. I am glad this year, my name is on the guest list.

well Puteh is actually a team up collaboration with Fazwinna Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal, but what wow me the most is Bridal by rizalman. As SIXTY pieces are shown this year I am gonna separate those two.
This is Puteh


I cant pick a favorite, most of the pieces caught my eyes. I have been to many fashion show and events, This one particular got their own class. from the crowd, the setting, the runaway, the creations and everything.

the model came down from the stairs, with black cloth covering them, smoke, and intense sound. Puteh collection as you can see is very simple. No beads, some rosette, simple bow BUT Amazing CUT. Rizalman have that amazing cut I thought, and later agreed by many guests I talk too. The pieces look extremely exclusive.

to be continue.....

photo by:Ashman Mahfudz


rizalman atelier said...

luvly fashion report! tnx sweetie-rizalman

ash-ash-ash said...

thanks Abg rizal:)

Borneo Boy said...

Nice one dearie :)

Anonymous said...

amazing collection...other designers will definitely knock-off these designs and claim it as their own.. am sad about fashion industry in Malaysia.. they(designers) hv no respect on others work..same boring design..the worst part is knocking off international designers.. do they think Malaysians doesn't know it ? actually it looked more like a cheap imitation of major labels.. well done Rizalman.. U create again..

Syafiqah Anuar said...

can i download the pictures? ;)


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