Saturday, July 9, 2011


almost 2 months I off the campus life, felt so grown up now. Go to work everyday, rest on weekends. lucky i squeeze in myself to events as part of my self therapy. my blog been real updated compared to the first quarter of the year.

upcoming event will be on of Malaysian Legendary designer Rizalman Ibrahim on the 10th july, and Nurita Harith, Syomir, Rico Rinaldi and Pu3 showcase on the 24th July and Urbanscapes on the 16th July!

Fashion arts and Many more in this festival

and OMG the event that close and paralyze almost the city down Bersih 2.0, i have to blog about it as it restraint people to wear yellow. WHAT? no Prada banana shirt, skirt ? even you scream C O U TU R E the police wont understand! 

Bryan Boy in Prada Banana Shirt!

No red on 9th July!
and NO NO to your Valentino red dress.  

OH YESSSSSSSS to YSL electric blue Clucth!
i felt somehow,  I am too grown up now to be very childish and couldn't be bothered attitude. Life flown so fast. Now I am twenty Fucking One. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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