Saturday, August 27, 2011

Miss Universe Malaysia - Miss Deborah Priya Henry

Everyone have to know they can play a part in choosing who is the next miss universe 2011 is. So I am rooting by off course for my own country represented by Ms Deborah Priya Henry for Malaysia!
Deborah In Farah Khan

Glad to know many Malaysian Designers offer their creativity to our representative to be proudly showcased abroad
DEBORAH in Jovian Mandagie creation!

now I felt my blog is all about pageant! hahahhah

but I also felt the strong competitor from Ukraine


Indonesia offers very Malayish beauty.

But that is all base on pictures, hope they serve better. having met Deborah few times, I think she can be at least in the top 15.




Borneo Boy said...

I prayers for you Debby darl xoxo

ztlhsn said...

Ukraine is so beautiful! But, I vote for Malaysia! But I'll vote for Ukraine second too!


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