Friday, August 5, 2011

Never Follow Suit at Bangsar

Yes Right!
I was first introduce to this boutique, when Joyce blog about it at kinky. As it is just opposite my work place I just thought I should drop by sometimes to check it out. If you still dint know, the boutique is a collaboration between 3 fashion and creative figure in Malaysia; Joe chia - fashion designer, Vincent Goh- Stylist, and Calvin Cheong- stylist. so this 3 left-brainer creativity  explode to form Never Follow Suit.

I am very much familiar with Joe Chia design through his last year Mifa and the recent MODA showcase- where Gillian hung looking very funky in his creations. so my first visit end up with my first admiration towards the amount of creativity and energy in this boutique. Its was separated to 3 section , colors, Black and white and vintage section.

Although I am a Color person, I love The white section!


so my first dint turn out my only visit, as the price is very reasonable I always pop up to find pieces for any events or just my "I need to spend" evil moment.

Whats with face ash?

Love this piece from Joe. He said so far only me can fit! LOL. and he did said skinnier is better.
Joe is indeed very friendly.

The boutique is located at  Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru (above Shawn Cutler).
The month of Ramadhan is just blessed with good joy. Happy ramadhan people!

photo by:Ashman Mahfudz

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