Thursday, August 4, 2011

Skinny, Skinnier better.

The stereotype of skinny is pretty is absurd and MEAN. but belief it or not, we all affected by the idea!! dont lie. I have met many women in my life who always complain about how they look, and having recently received a complimentary gym membership by the amazing Celebrity Fitness, I can see the amount of pain people went through to get what the media perceived and shown. The pressure to look good. Men and Women.

ash stymest- skinny male model - awesome!
I am honestly one of the victim, and sometimes i am being perceived mean to describe body shape as KEMBANG, BESAR and OKLAH
Oh and last week I felt offended when a friend of mine dint belief I am 64 KG!!! he make the face and the look to find where is the weight at! ERRRRR

to me as long it is healthy and ideal for you then you are fineeee. I am still underweight, But i still complain that I am big. to be honest I dint try many pants when I shop cz i dont want to end up crying in the fitting room looking at my own tigh - especially Topman sizes :'((

remember to watch your weight by watching the food you are eating, and learn how to count calories. sometimes small portion contain very much calories then big portion. my own solution is Vegan! as i ate lots of fibres and easy digest carbo.

By the way I am talking crap cz I dont know anything much to update, will be very slow month.
and have a BLESSED RAMADAN readers. 

This my 220 post, I am glad that i have more time to share some stories to you guys. Thank you. I would like to thank fellow bloggers who mention this blog to theirs. appreciate it much!

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