Sunday, August 14, 2011

TARC : Graduate Fashion Show - C'est La Mode

It wasnt drought after all. After few weeks, of no-event-work-and-shop-mood yeah event invites! It was the TAR College Fashion student graduate show. One my chopstick whore, Pawwen Phua of FASHIONTALKRAP also is graduating, so excited for him that i bought a new shoe to that event.

lots of laughing with Carlos, but I said "I have to be nice to student". so heres some of our young talents explosive creativity:

I've been to some student show and I enjoy much of the creativity and the enthusiasts of these young designer. But I realize students always want to do more that they might over do it. But its all part of learning. I am very sad I dint study fashion.

A few impress the crowd, but theres this one collection I said to Carlos "This is good, doesn't look really like student work" . it is this creation below, who turn up to be Pawwen creations. I am not biased cz he is my friend, but if i would have choose i would choose this out of the bunch.

This girl very cute face

The color match my cardigan!

with bunch of awesomeness!

Congratulations to all graduates! another student show coming next week.

photo by: Carlos Khu

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Ikmal Arif Azami said...

i think Pawwen got a true talent!! His creation doesn't look like student work!! amazing!!!


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