Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tasha Shila and Shila OIAM in Mimpikita

Having Eid just around the corner, it makes you only want to rest and lazying around. I am in my last days in Mimpikita then 1 week holiday! Yahooooooooooo. No more event update, will update more about food and stuff during Eid. So recently Mimpikita was visited by Tasha Shila, Actress (Ramadan Terakhir etc) and Shila OIAM for their newspaper cover shot. Just want to share the lovely Raya collection from Mimpikita (thats is still available as I am writing this) that they wore last week!

They all look lovely :)
I would pose as well la for Raya!

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz


Anonymous said...

I love the blue modern kurung... SO NICE. Do u think its still available at Mimpikita?

ash-ash-ash said...

I think they should have. last time I check they still have you should give them a visit :)



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