Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jil Sander 2012

Wanted to share some of the picture from Milan fashion Week on Jil Sander Runway Fashion Show. I always love structured, Bold design of Jil Sander by Raff Simmons.

Its funny, when I come across questions about fashion and I cant seems to have definite answer. This morning I was asked, "how do you define what's nice?" I take a long deep thought to think about a definite answer to it. It is easier for people who are aware of fashion to understands it then people who are not aware of any. It is the subjectivity of Fashion that made it so wide that anything could it be nice.

Let say, Over the top print top with over the top pants on runway show. typical people will see it as hideous, impractical, and some might just say "stupid fashion people, gone mad". artistic people will see it as Art - of course. PR people would see it as simply to create BUZZ or Media Attention for the brand, well some would say -It is a show.

What says you?


Monday, September 26, 2011

green Inspired - Acne S/S '12

This green is my ultimate favourite color! I love them. I love it so much I want to cry! 

Amazing Jacket!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Young Designers Arena (YODA) - Back to the eighties.

So yesterday, Coincidently I happened to be at Bukit Bintang area when I was informed by Zee Anuar, theres gonna be an event organized by Young Designer Arena (YODA) at The Twelve Fahrenheit 88 Bukit Bintang. YODA tagline " giving tomorrow fashion a stage today" is very motivating and inspiring to the young talents out there to pursue their creativity.

 The event was held to officially launch YODA and a showcased by 4 young designers Marlee Shariff, Yamz, Fashion Geek, Zulfadli Nasir and Farliz.

Some of the girls that participate in some girl search. erk.

The designers with YODA founder.
Its glad to see that YODA is more active these days. The event went well, its just they dint have any Press Releases - which is very important! The designs showcased was good. 
The designers.....the designers, I have to say put on a smile. no matter how stress you are to get the show done, Just smile. Don't go running around ignoring the crowd.
Like Hello! we come to support you. =)

Zee Anuar, Ashman Mahfudz and Kerun Kemen

I am wearing My Cheap Monday oversized-neck shirt, Cheap Monday Baby Blue cotton pants, and my new baby Nike electric blue sneakers and my Hidesign sling leather bag. Yup all blue, and Cheap Monday on Saturday. Why not.

photo by: Kerun Kemen

Masif 2011 - LOOK.

Me at Masif Day 3.
I am wearing Uniqlo Blood Red wool top, SEED leather Belt, Never Follow Suit Black Cotton Pants, Hugo Boss Brown leather shoes and MC Buenos Aires luggage leather bag!

Co-incidently we both wear Red- Black. me With Carlos Khu!
Great Bitch thinks alike!
Our Bag

photo by: Carlos Khu.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

MASIF 2011 - Amber Davis & Veejay Floresca

Amber Davis- see through, But?

f-lover later photo by:

Masif 2011 - Ivan Gunawan

My first instinct already restraint myself from going to another night of Masif. But it is still worth attending as the Indonesian and Philippines designers and singers will be showcasing on this final night. I just have the thought that they won't travel across the sea to show crap. And I am definitely right!

This Indonesian designer, who also a famous Tv presenter in Indonesia, Ivan Gunawan. He sure have beautiful hands on things as well. There is one thing about Indonesia's kebaya that is just uniquely them. Not saying that Malay Kebaya is not nice. But these pieces are totally inspiring!

My favourite piece have to have Bulu!

And Orgasms Back.

Yuni Shara!!
Yuni is so petite, and I only got to know that she is Kris Dayanti sister.

Yuni Shara and two handsome hero Indonesian Actor.

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

MASIF 2011 - Malaysian Designers

Surprisingly, Masif day 3 was an upscale from the night before. everything was much better. "Massive Masif" brought to stage best of the region from Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines talent in Fashion and music. Having Adibah Noor as Emcee of the night definately something to hold the audience in Suria KLCC.
Adibah Noor as Emcee and also perform
Among Malaysian designer who showcased their collection is Von Jolly Couture.
Casandra Patrick modeling for Von Jolly Couture
Malaysian R&B and Soul singer, Wearing Von Jolly.

The jacket is nice, But I prefer it on other color.
Ezuwan Ismail also showcased his collection which is presented by celebrities on the runway. very settled color with rosettes.

Rebecca Nur Islam

Memey Suhaiza

Lisa Surihani received lots of screaming from fans

Nora Danish, Petite!
Misha Omar sizzle to accompany the runway with her songs.

Ezuwan Ismail and Datuk Sharifah Aini

Also keeping up the pace of the night was Cosry a brand by Putra Aziz from Indonesia, who intricate Kebaya designs to a glam extent.

Lets get married!

After all, the third and final day is way better then the previous day.which is good.

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz


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