Sunday, September 4, 2011

Islamic Fashion Festival @MW 2011

To add the pageant spirit in this blog, HAHAHAH. Just to share and to add on the last MW 2011 finale, one of the round the contestants need to model an Islamic Fashion or I would rather say "Proper Fashion" as to relate Islam to all this creations, I dnt know.

But I find it very interesting that Datuk Rezza initiative to propose the idea to the organizer to do this round. I once quote 
"True Beauty shine best when the hair is Covered" 
and I am soo not wrong! as these ladies faces look more sharper and appealing with all the turban and Hijab covering their hair.

Apparently the organizer dint mentioned which creations belongs to which designer, but I do know that each designer is sponsoring 2 looks for this round. Although I might guess and tell which creations belong to who base on the style and signature. bUt lets just leave it for you guys to guess. I can see designers like Jovian Mandagie, Carven Ong, Variante, Michael Ong and Tom Abg Saufi and many more.

see the face!

Many critics and review slammed the final round dresses by Von Jolly Batik, and many have said the dresses from this Islamic Fashion round is more appealing to be worn on the final round. What says you?

Once Again! Ms Chloe Chen MW 2011!

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz


sully86 said... fashion for men

ash-ash-ash said...

yes! noooo. not much! wait up I am trying to find some material for men's bag!

Renee Meow said...

agreee..!!the batik dresses very-de-urmmm... T_T


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