Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jil Sander 2012

Wanted to share some of the picture from Milan fashion Week on Jil Sander Runway Fashion Show. I always love structured, Bold design of Jil Sander by Raff Simmons.

Its funny, when I come across questions about fashion and I cant seems to have definite answer. This morning I was asked, "how do you define what's nice?" I take a long deep thought to think about a definite answer to it. It is easier for people who are aware of fashion to understands it then people who are not aware of any. It is the subjectivity of Fashion that made it so wide that anything could it be nice.

Let say, Over the top print top with over the top pants on runway show. typical people will see it as hideous, impractical, and some might just say "stupid fashion people, gone mad". artistic people will see it as Art - of course. PR people would see it as simply to create BUZZ or Media Attention for the brand, well some would say -It is a show.

What says you?


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