Monday, September 19, 2011

Masif 2011 - Ivan Gunawan

My first instinct already restraint myself from going to another night of Masif. But it is still worth attending as the Indonesian and Philippines designers and singers will be showcasing on this final night. I just have the thought that they won't travel across the sea to show crap. And I am definitely right!

This Indonesian designer, who also a famous Tv presenter in Indonesia, Ivan Gunawan. He sure have beautiful hands on things as well. There is one thing about Indonesia's kebaya that is just uniquely them. Not saying that Malay Kebaya is not nice. But these pieces are totally inspiring!

My favourite piece have to have Bulu!

And Orgasms Back.

Yuni Shara!!
Yuni is so petite, and I only got to know that she is Kris Dayanti sister.

Yuni Shara and two handsome hero Indonesian Actor.

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz


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