Sunday, September 18, 2011

Masif 2011 - Music, Arts, Style, International Festival Day 2

 Masif is back! After its debut last year at Pavilion, this year Masif 2011was held at Suria KLCC. Better but still could be better. For those who are not familiar with Masif, It is a festival where they combine Art, "fashion" and music in one festival and celebration in conjunction with festive seasons and Malaysia Day!

Masif 2011, took indoor and outdoor to fits to its activities this year. I am gonna focus on the "fashion" side of the story. I was at Masif 2nd day and 3rd day, Flying myself from campus to KL.

The second night was really bad fashion-ly. I witness the most unpleasant and unacceptable runway look ever!! I am totally here not to humiliate anyone.

But what I could say, That night was very much disappointing with numerous technical problems to add. It is also pretty embarrassment for Malaysia because Masif choose some "designer" or "brand" that have totally no sense of fashion. They are millions of talent out there in Malaysia, I just hope Masif tightened their standard and at least reviews the designers work before approving it for runway.

among the designers that showcasing are Hajaba, Ya Salma, Syarehan Ahmad, Azwa Safrina, O'oi Couture and many more, 

It is not just me, some of the audience left the show because they said " It is scary". 
Lets see what they have tomorrow.

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

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Anonymous said...

Who approved those pieces to be showned at the runway?? And common..enough of having "shopping complex" shows here and there..all the best designers!


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