Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Anugerah Skrin is an award ceremony initiated by media prima to acknowledge actor and actresses and production team in Malaysian film/drama industry work. the big buzz on how the award was such a not very much entertaining and disappointment, I would say it could be lot better! Let's look at what are they wearing that night.
Ana - a bit weeding-ish, but the dress really for her.

Diana Danielle - the bottom, shouldn't  be. just shouldn't

Desperately want to look gold.
Fahrin Ahmad made a big mistake by wearing this suits.but the color of the shirt is nice! 
NO DRESS should be made by this material! 

Juliana Evans dress is by Mimpikita

Fida - This is really bad, please dont bully our celebrity.
The best looking gentlemen!-despite his age he look dazzzling in this fitted suits.

was told that Scha is wearing Nurita Harith, love it- simple yess, but why more?

Tasha Shila
ladies, Kila Fairy, Neelofa and liyana Jasmay
Neelofa make up make her look very fresh and young, but i dint agree much with the color of the dress. these girls are soo young, Why they sometime dress older? 

Datin Paduka Umie Aida looking gorgeous in "Prada" Lace, even the lace is a bit outdated, whatever is nice is applicable forever :D
The award ceremony is sad, but congratulations to all the winners, designers, and celebrity who attended. please don't get offended on whatever i wrote, it is just my humble opinion. I always get smashed,  whenever I commented on Malaysian fashion I will get slashed, especially by the older designers or those who think that they are old enough.

Aha, love the efforts and the way we are growing, slowly but better. I hope.

photo by: malaysiandigest.com and Beautiful Nara

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~Nur Zulaiha~ said...

fida dress are really worst.. who design it??... kesiannnn diaa

Diana Danielle-- ya it shouln't hve that bottom... n it will be vry nice to her..


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