Sunday, November 20, 2011

Batik is My Soul - Tradition for all

this is ultimate orgasms. Me love this!

Jovian Mandagie came out with the idea of rejuvinating Malaysia owned Batik to a better breeze. He team up with professionals and academician to study our Batik. Jovian is well known with his high end couture dresses and weddings gowns, came up with this idea after seeing the sense of proudness of our very own Batik is lacking. As compared to our neighbor, Indonesia.

The team call it Batik is My Soul (BIMS). when I first saw the teaser poster at Jovian Facebook page, I was  shock that he is doing it, at the same time I am very glad someone took the initiatives to do so. I, myslef dont wear Batik, not because to me it's ugly, but because its just not modern enough.

BIMS invited me to its PC, for its exhibition "Batik Is My Soul" at Starhill explore Hall, Bukit Bintang. Its has the vibe Alexander McQueen kinda exhibition in New york.
the exhibition will be going on through out the week till 30th Novemeber.

Jovian Mandagie - I would love to have this Batik shirt!
Along side with Jovian with BIMS is shoes designer Benson Chen and Rhea with their brand Rhea Benson and Klutched handbags and also Suhara Jewellery. Its a complete set of collection. Its overwhelming to see such collaboration like this happen in Malaysia.

Rhea Benson for BIMS
Rhea Benson

Suhara Jewellery

amazing Klutched, 
Klutched, came with batik print fabrics with python skin and a very modern detailing such studs and lock.
Klucthed founders and designers.

Batik is everyone soul!

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz


Anonymous said...

love the hells and JOVIAN... shirt... hehe

Anonymous said...

hey, exhibition tu kalau tak silap sampai 30 hb november.bukan disember. harap maklum :)

ash-ash-ash said...

Thank you for reminding me!


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