Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Fashion, Food & Friends

Its a good day with friends for fashion and thrilling food. I had my day our with Zatil, Dhiya, Farahani and Lepp. I was from Jovian Batik is My soul Press conference, and having filled my soul with fashion another part of me is still craving for the goodness of Gold Chilli at Subang.

Arrived proudly at Gold Chilli I saw my two friends fully bloated with their butter prawn (amazing!), i had the Nasi Goreng Vegetarian, it was okay only I just wish when you state its vegetarian it will be the heaven of green valley in a plate!

Joyce and Kerun :)

Then, later we visit the Leftblock bazaar. I bought some thing from Joyce, a suspender. tried something very inspiring at Melissa Indot booth but it does not fit me.

Dhiya and Jezmine Zaidan

OHH yes and the best part is tea time at Upstairs Cafe at Subang. Amazing food and handsome creatures!

Thanks, Zatil for the pic!

awesome melt in your mouth! Brownies

photo by:Ashman Mahfudz & Zatil Husna

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