Friday, November 25, 2011


BDA day, is always the most cramped day. Every year they squeeze designers to one slot. which is good to the designers where they will have a platform to showcased their creativity on the runway, but not so good fro the audience who have to absorb so many.

 Anyway, it doesn't matter. What matter is the quality of the design showcased on the runway is something worth showing. BDA and Mifa probably could filter  those whose not ready for the runway and give a way to others. Theres always next year and if they really want to be on the runway they will work through the standard.

Make it like a competition, so designers could compete and strive to show their best. 
to be the best, we need a better opponent.

This post I feature, two senior designer Faizal Hamid and Bon Zainal. Faizal Hamid contribute to some publication on advise on fashion and styling - which sometimes I disagree. But his Black Swan collection we all agree with.

Black on Black lace, give that extra exclusivity to the dress. I have to say, being in the second row for the show- Faizal Hamid workmanship rock balls! very neat. Respect to those who give attention to workmanship nowadays with growing amount of designers who don't anymore.

Marini also in Faizal Hamid

Although I always have less opinion of Mens fashion,  I would just like to share acclaimed Mens Wear designer in malaysia Bon Zainal also the Vice president of BDA. Having involve with fashion for so many years, here is Bon :

Comparing to his collection for last year fashion week, I prefer his collection this year. More fitting and bolder than last year.

Bon Zaina and Altimet

photo by: Ashman Mahfudz

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