Thursday, November 10, 2011


Victoria Secret 
and their Angels had wowed the crowd at VS 2011 Fashion Show!
The show was noted as one of the most anticipated show with its all over the world show. Cant you just simply understand why?

Love this costume Alessandra Ambrosio

ANNE VIALITSINA sure enjoy the company of handsome Adam who eventually kiss her on stage.

Doutzen is looking skinny healthy!

though, some of the issue being brought up is the "beauty" and the weight of the angels. Many of them have gone through plastic surgery, their figure is ver bad image to the audience. They are extremely skinny. 
Can't blame them, It must be the pressure of keeping up with "whats beauty" trend set by the MEDIA.

Karlie Kloss - unhealthy skinny
I love skinny i still do, but being too skinny is really bad. Anorexia and Bulimia effect can be seen physically.

the cutest Miranda Kerr!!

photo by: pictures taken from an amazing blog Citizen Chic click here to view more!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post!

I respect the distinction made being healthy skinny and unhealthy skinny; it's sad how people nowadays tend to go for the skinny look by starving themselves as opposed to eating properly and exercising regularly (arguably the much more difficult route).


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